Home Crafts Unlimited (UK)

(Prices valid until 30th June 2022)
Are you bored with stitching the same mass-produced designs?  I can design one from your own photograph.

I do NOT charge for picture editing and I do NOT use too many colours.

  Churches A good Wedding, Anniversary, Christening present  (Kits already available for most churches in South East Essex - UK)
  Buildings Your favourite house and/or garden
  Landmarks Thatched cottages, public houses, water towers etc.
  Animals Your favourite pet (Cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, horses, pigs, tortoises etc.)
  Vehicles Your car or motor-bike, trams, tractors, steam engines, mobile homes, business lorries, house-boats etc.
  Cards Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, Special Occasion.  A personalised gift (designs available or made to your specification).
  People Military, Flying Clubs, Scouts etc.  Favourite relatives, baby pictures, wedding photos, preserve that face forever.
  Specialised Sports, Pastimes, Holiday, Landscapes, Samplers, People, Traditional, Family Crests etc.
Example Kit Prices
  Full Kit Design Size (h x w) Price ( FULL KIT )
  Ready designed animal head 3.5" x 3.5" 12
  Side view of whole animal 3.5" x 5" 17
  Cards (Christmas/Birthday etc) 2.5" x 2" 7
    3.5" x 5.5" 10
  Other designs from your own photograph 4" x 5.5" 25
    9" x 12" 35
Charts are also available, price 15 - 25 depending on size and complexity
P&P:  There is no charge for packaging.  Postage will be at cost.
Payment:   I can take a Cheque or Postal order (Sterling only) or a Bank Transfer (all incur NO extra charges).
Or I can send you an online Paypal payment request or online Credit/Debit card request (both incur extra charges).
However, please do NOT send any payment before contacting me to confirm the cost and timescale.

Please contact me for the price of other sizes, designs and fabric counts.   See Contact Me

  Before I start the work I will need a deposit of  10.   I am really sorry to have to do this but recently I spent a lot of time working on a large scale design.   I needed to complete the design (as it was unusual) so that I could give an exact price.   I was told the design was perfect and just what was needed  (I email a "capture" of the design to the customer and modify the design where needed until they are happy)  but despite several emails I have not been paid for my work.   It is very annoying.   So, I have decided to charge a deposit so at least some of my time will be paid for if the customer does walk away.


  I can work from a photograph, a sketch or a collection of ideas.

If a picture needs things editing out of it I can do that or I can put extra bits in, like flowers etc, at no extra charge. 


I can work from graphic files sent by email as long as they are not too compressed or optimised so that quality and definition is lost (.jpg files are smaller and so quicker to send and receive).  If the picture looks OK to you then it will probably be fine, but obviously I cannot produce a 3 foot square wall-hanging from a passport sized photograph!



    The information I need from you with the picture is:-        Does anything need editing or changing (background?) in the picture?
     What count fabric would you prefer to work on?
    What size (approximately) would you like the finished design to be?
    Would you prefer a kit or a chart?
  The prices above will give you an idea of my charges but I will give you an exact quote for the price of a kit or chart when I have had a chance to see the picture and read your requirements.  Please note that I can NOT print designs onto fabric or canvas.