Crafts Unlimited (UK)
PayPal Privacy Concerns

On the first of June 2010 PayPal changed their Privacy Policy and said that they may supply customer details to selected marketing companies (see PayPal's Privacy Policy).  They admitted on the BBC's Working Lunch program that they would be forwarding  data from all customers (not just that of PayPal account holders) - i.e. even non-PayPal account holders who happen to purchase an item from a website using PayPal to authorise a credit/debit card payment (thus effectively breaking the Privacy Policy of those businesses that otherwise safeguard their customer details).

In order to protect our customers data we now use Nochex to authorise card payments - they do NOT divulge customer data (ours OR yours).  However, we understand that despite the privacy concerns, a lot of people may want to pay with their PayPal account so we have retained this facility.  The PayPal facility ALSO allows payment using a credit/debit card - however you should be aware of the privacy concerns if you decide to make a payment via PayPal.