Home Crafts Unlimited (UK)

  Spam, or unsolicited 'junk' emails is a growing problem.  Our policy is to NEVER send anyone unsolicited mail and to safeguard our customer's details.  However, lately we have noticed an increasing amount of mail containing spam and viruses 'returned' to us as undeliverable as if it had originated from us.

Current consumer law, and good business practice, means that our email address is displayed on the website and thus available to the spammers, despite our best efforts to disguise it.

Can I assure everyone that spam emails apparently from us are in fact activity by spammers fraudulently using our email address to send out their garbage.   Our best advice is NOT to respond to it, that only confirms your email address is valid and more spam will follow.

Please be aware that eventually businesses like ourselves could refuse to communicate with you if you use a service that requires people sending you mail to "Verify" their message by clicking a link, visiting a website and confirming that they are genuine and not a spammer.  As more and more people use these services, businesses like ours whose email addresses are used (fraudulently) by spammers will begin to get swamped by "Verify" messages created by such SPAM - and in the end will be forced to stop "verifying".

We are also beginning to receive responses from email monitoring gateways saying that our emails have been blocked and that we should start telephoning customers - an inefficient use of business resources that would lead to increased costs for ALL our customers.  Please be aware that if you use one of these dumb services then you may miss emails from us.